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Carol Fowler

Carol Fowler

Giving to Sweet Briar College for all the tomorrows to come is the best act of my lifetime.

At its root, my motivation for creating a charitable remainder trust in favor of Sweet Briar was the memory of the women in my class of 1957 whose scholarships lapsed after two years.

Sweet Briar lost some bright women for lack of funding. I established a small scholarship in the 1970s for junior and senior students which made a tiny difference.

If one has the financial ability to invest, think of investing in the future of young women:
what a wonderful opportunity. Could it be a better opportunity? More than 20 years ago I had the good fortune to do so. Sweet Briar College is my sole heir.

I grew up in a double standard world with a progressive Daddy who lamented that standard. He believed in women and insisted education was the passport to achievement. He sent me to Sweet Briar to stand for my future.

I am thankful to follow his beliefs.